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released December 1, 2011



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jeph.ilosopher Baltimore, Maryland



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Track Name: ilosopher
jeph ilosopher - tell me how you spit the truth?
you’re still a youth, and never lost a wisdom tooth
i reply: because i’ve been recused--i can’t judge yall
i could be in your shoes...what if i was yall?

I’m hoping one day that philosophy rubs off
you gotta know yourself, so you can love all
'Passion Paradox' shouldn’t be a paradigm
that was raw, you should know i got enough flaws

but i do not floss, i mean i do floss,
that aint connected to my lack of wisdom tooth loss
no fuel to move my molar motor mouth infused jaws
but at least it’s not a hummer, hoo rah

who dat...who, me?
i make music to put groups at ease, not groupies
cuz i just wanna slip some morals in your club song
and you won’t notice, it’s like a vitamin roofie

you can call me
what i call me
or we can all be ilosopher

no apologies
if it’s not a ‘what you see is what you get’
thing, i’m only ilosopher

i know they’re mad everyone and their mothers is rapping now
...but i’m different...i’m the one millionth rapper out
so while they have a cow, ima have a party
snackin on whack rappers, take a crap and flush that swagger down

now that’s music for the sewage system, underground
near the devil and the rest of all those superstitions
who am i pissing off today?
it’s like i took a cue from eminem and doctor dre

controversial like the president in Watergate
or me on a swamp tour with alligator sausage pizza on my plate
as I contemplate,
shall i run the DMV or make them walk this way?

cuz i grew up in Baltimore and we are not the same
but i lived in PG so i know DC awesome, man
...but if i’m ever in a hall of fame
put me between Cal Ripken and Marvin Gaye...please

im driving hip hop crazy, don’t hate me if your a passengers
but i aint doin rapper hands right now i’m doing jazz fingers
mad fingers, but I bet you still that that's censored
but why not, lets have a fill the blank adventure

you know I always stay hy . .
drated aquafina deer park, probably all my favorite
if you don’t like it go to hell . .
thy choice dot com they got alot of fitness tips going on

but while i’m rantin, man i hate Baltimore . .
‘s division, why can't we unite and work together to make good decisions?
cuz i think your son should sell drugs . .
legally and get a sweet degree in 'pharmoceuticology'

finally, it’s bout time that people really got to know jeph
my real name is Jeffrey, but i really dont give no f’s
my creativity doesn't care if it initially
makes no sense
therefore i’m Joseph without the o-s

airing myself out, like Aaron was my middle name
...then Garber not Carter, nor Lil Wayne
not even philosopher by itself...
without the J-E, it still wouldn’t phil the same
Track Name: Fresh Outta Work
Verse 1 - Jeph

Feeling like I'm fresh outta work
Stepping outside
Walking by unemployed heads
Fresh outta work
Before y'all try say Jeph is a jerk
I don't come sideways unless ya head’s turned

And yes I got a lil money to spare
But I would rather teach you how I made that money appear
But last time I said that to a youngin out here
He laughed dead in my face like that's a funny idea
(word . ?)

Lesson learnt, Ima act like I'm broke next time your hands out like automatic soap
you already know
i been insensitive since the sensor broke

Which means whether you're friend or foe
I can't tell-- I only pretend to know
This ain't the stress i deserve
I was just fresh outta work
When'd the expiration occur?


Say WORD (THAT'S what I'm talkin about!)
Say the WORD (that's what my thought process about)
Gimme the word when you ready
I'ma rock steady
aint no point in sweating nothing petty
So they tell me...(x2)

Verse 2 - Poin Dexter

Ok, First of all lady--I am the manager
As I do the dishes you notice I'm not an amateur
where is my promotion? I belong upon the board of directors
shortly a lecture's what I'll hear for my notorious gestures in front of customers

what's the word? cuz work is like a rumor mill
I act like I'm above it but I do it still...euw
T-30 minutes til I'm clocking out
I'm gazing at the clock while you're talking, what were you talking bout?

sorry, it's hard to listen when I'm mentally missing
eventually dismissing body preferentially distant
cuz I don't want to have to ---

Turn it down...It's just my boss from work turn it down real quick

DEX - No, Mr Thomas, I told you--
DEX - I told you I was leaving work early! I gotta finish this verse...for--
BOSS - What verse? You don't do no verse
DEX - what??
BOSS - Your rap career is nothing, fast food is your life
DEX - What do you mean my rap career is nothing and fast food is my life??
BOSS - fast food is your life, you need to get your ass back here now

i don't want to have to deal with my boss and his 'mountain making out of molehill' ability
really he killing me. You feelin me?

well now i'm not confined to vicinity
cuz i'm fresh up outta work after the time of infinity
this a message to the jerks, why do you find some sympathy
for the next shift
while me and jeph spit on the FRESH tip!

Verse 3 - Jeph




...if that's the case then i flip off it...
...and land clean like i dishwashed it...
i dont care, man i do it anywhere
i could rhyme in my dreams while everybody's exhausted
Track Name: Not Enough
Verse 1 - Jeph

It goes CURSE THESE BEATS, they keep me up nightly writing
I hate punchlines, I aint on that 'Michael Tyson'
But I'll bite your ear off, like I'm on Smirnoff? Right before I body you? I'm like M. Bison

Stupid references--every conversation that I have always reminds me of rap
I hate this music is a pestilence
maybe cuz I treat her like a special friend with benefits
I feel bad cuz we go back like, Sega with the Genesis

I told her everything, just to keep it interesting
and she still remembers this? Man that's so embarrassing
She was my kerosene, hit her up lit her up then I spit a little fire like
HA...HA ....(CHILL) until she turned into my dairy queen

so cool now, even when I moved out and said 'we need a break, I need to graduate school now'
but that don't make our future ruled out
I planned a foundation so one day we break that glass roof down


We told you 'Follow Us'
Trust me it's not a bluff
Cuz getting to the top is not enough
(we gon' make that count)
Came from the bottom up
No way you stoppin us
Cuz getting to the top is not enough
(who my team? PUT IN TUNE)
And we seen what could happen
to the dreams that's been killed
unfulfilled--it's real in the field, still
(we gon' make that count)
Came from the bottom up
So no way you stoppin us, cuz getting to the top is not enough...
Track Name: #BRBWORLD

Ima go handle my biz'...what you think about that?
brb world...typing that in all caps
run and tell em all that...I might collapse if
I kick my feet up, relax and fall back so

Ima go handle my biz'...what you think about that?
brb world...typing that in all caps
dunno when I'll come back but...I might collapse if
I kick my feet up, relax and fall back so

Verse 1 - Jeph:

I can't tell you how many times I've fantasized bout
chucking this phone out of a window
maybe then I'll really be 'Signed Out'
and I can live life like it was simple

instead I got these links to my chain leash
and they tell me to stay connected
how is this 'Site' watching ME? That's crazy!
Did you even need my input?
You knew what I was gonna say before I said it

Message unread paranthesis hundred
that's the reason why I'm sitting here at breakfast with a hung head
when you ask me "Jeph, why so serious?"
Everything's a blur! 2 Fast 2 Furious!

Lord knows what it's like today in these cafeterias
No apple juice--but they juicing up an apple iPhone through half period
That's a myriad of bullcrap if you ask me
but nobody asked me, so this my last status and last tweet

Verse 2 - Jeph:

We're so intimate with this inanimate
we no longer fathom it--internet imagines it
inmates of this aggregate system that's elaborately 'twisting our synapses' if you will--I think that's accurate!

I for one aint mad at it, I think that it's great so...
nobody will mind if I take a break
for my mind while I gather it
cuz I left it back where I lost my mind...
somewhere in that labyrinth

Even when I thought I was being apathetic
I still paid that bill way before the gas & electric
which doesn't make sense because I thought you are an an electric
little did I know I got a generator and a cell phone tethering that's how I connected-ededededed

typed this rhyme and then I edit-ededed it
typo, I know, I meant to did-edededed it
and I'm in an online school so I can't just quit-ededed it
my work done when I graduated-ededed it

Verse 3 - OverFlow
Track Name: Influence
tell me are you listening and over the influences...

I wanna get you all as drunk as me
do misery loves company
we say that...the more the merrier so come with me
so go head, we breedin some similarity

(keep it goin)
(keep it goin)
and have some babies and make em feel like mistakes
(you can do it)
what you waiting for
(you don’t really need)
the case in point
ok then, say no more

Verse 1 - (Alcohol)

you can tell the friends from fiends when they show who they really r
drink you under the table, right next to the minibar
...drain you, make you feel ashamed to
aspire to be on a higher plane, they’ll blame you

wait, do you mean to tell me you really believe
that i’m fatigued from the heat
when i’m really intrigued by the sun?
and many stars, cuz i respect your opinion and all
but you can miss me with the vitriol
that shoe don’t fit me at all

why you want me to fall?
i know that we’ve been brothers
is this united we fall? are we like lehman brothers?
or are we smiff and wessun?
cuz i was under the impression
that we shine, but you say you don’t see the luster

I’m saying that It’ll show when you wait patiently to buffer
we both hustle we don’t want our familys to suffer
you’re fighting the good fight, we tag team,
just know i got your back when you need to recover

Chorus 2 (Weed)
I wanna see you all as high as me, so puff it...

Verse 2

well i hope you feel secure now strapped in a stretcher
just another victim on that whack peer pressure
you saying you'd never fold, I bet you wont remember
guess you hit a slippery slope and then you lost your center

balance is a challenge who you tellin like i havent
been in similar situations i can imagine
falling prey to scavengers that grab you with the talons
drag you by your fears and then chain you to the bandwagon

i tell you i’m saddened cuz i feel i know what happened
they offered a meal and you forgot why you were fasting see see? the carbon copy action
real recognize real like blind folks read captions

we echo what we see, (what we see) like monkey see
aint even notice that misery was your company
tell me who let them in, i know it wasnt me
oh, your minds a garden? guess they snuck in thru the shrubbery


I wanna see you all as dumb as me, so take this...

3rd Verse - (Pills)

help me out for a second, remind me bout this one pill
i’m not sure which pain this one’s supposed to kill
i think my life is painful, or is that overkill
the roof is on fire, why don’t yall know the drillllllllllll

illlilll...that’s when the ocean spills
....because we’re not 'shore', but we swallow still like what’d you bring this water for?
...and it’s a bitter pill, I know, But maybe its worth it if to skip the sorrow

and now Im thinking it's perfect if I never see tomorrow
Cuz I'm dreading the chance that life can get even harder
these the last words of a backseat driver, before the crash happened
lucky the angel had it fastened

but then once we got settled
you brought more weed and liquor in, oh speak of the devil
tantalize...fantasize, you make it seem like you was never once camera shy
i know ...i make it hard to empathize
but still

even if you don't take a hit
then you still gonna catch a 2nd hand contact
getting buzzed by a 2nd hand contact
get indulged in that 2nd hand contact
this is 2nd hand smoke

even if you won't take a hit
then you still gonna catch a 2nd hand contact
getting high from that 2nd hand contact
get indulged in that 2nd hand contact

this is 2nd hand smoke

( dreams are all in vain...)
Track Name: Alive
(Verse 1: Jeph)

Who'da thought, I'da been,
devoid of what statistics promising.
losing heart? that's never me
navigating straight through all of that treachery

my best impression of me at my best
which means, I invest in me, who else believes in Jeph?
well, I could count on them with one hand
but on the other hand, I'M alive, call it ambidex...trous

stress stress out to get me
if you think i'd make it easy, you must have never met me
even writing this verse here was kinda messy
cuz i draw inspiration from situations that's sketchy

mugshots--and I think I figured it out
and now I'm bout to catch my drive
Nah, not a bus stop

so i could complain like "dang, what the bloodclot?"
or be thankful I don't have a brain bloodclot
happy for what I got,
but I will not stop
even when my eyes are red and all bloodshot
you know? so I just...keep going...keep going...

(Chorus: Wise Man Carl)

I got the power, I got the strength
to be anyone or do anything
I got the freedom to live a life
but not everyone gets to feel alive

(Verse 2: Poin Dexter)

She’s a wonderful woman...

As an infant’s how we meet her
Never met a maiden sweeter, she go by the name of Vida
and she faster than a cheetah when she’s carried by the hours, minutes, seconds..
She’s empowered by the essence that is ours

Check the lessons she’s the power that’ll teach as we breathing
as we grow and show the world we’ll never breach what we believe in
The meaning of her passion, you can see it every season
Gotta say that I’m in love-- her lovely presence is the reason
The child of Mother Nature; Father Time’s another parent

And her sister’s name is Morta, who for living is inherent
Which is why they call us mortal soon we switch between the kin...
and once you see the sister
See that’s when you see the end

I do this here for Vida when my fingers meet the pen
Then all the moments spent with her are placed upon the sheet again
Press record and speak again, motivation for my voice
and if you hear me she’s awake and so rejoice

(Verse 3: Drex aka LTG)
Track Name: Drifting
And it begins with a bang
The weekend sequence seems so ... damn
Seems so...damn... inextricable
Plunged in the deep end need no hands

I'm drifting, nah no tokyo, less christian, not no holy roll
My position coordinated by a satellite
But that dont formulate my appetite

...under my own control
The man up stairs is behind my stare
I still seek guidance for my soul
My plan is to prepare for life's other layers
But I got alotta work to do
But It felt warm enough to open up mental convertibles

and uh...i..know what I sure could use
Windex for my conscious
I'm feeling so twisted in the cobwebs
by the way don't push me, I'm on the ledge
I mean...please push me, I want the best
From my potential
You know my old acronym makes sense yo

I never told em what it meant i felt embarrassed but it was...
Just enough potential held aright? There it is...
You tend to bring it out like a therapist
But when I'm silent on your couch, then you very pissed
I hate that vicariously I live,
While the while world closes their eyelids...

but nonetheless i live...
Track Name: Wanna Live
Verse 1 - Maf Jr:

Verse 2 - Jabari

Verse 3 - Jeph

cuz life is hard enough, don't get me started bruh
I got scars, I aint talkin bout no barber cuts
done lost our minds like DMX in "Party Up"
but now we upgraded--from marginal, to marvelous

they say "in God We Trust" -- why i keep my guard up?
a little something up my sleeves where the cards is tucked
aw shucks, I built this fortress
all because I decided to get my 'bars...up'?

now am i trapped or protected?
cuz nobody can harm me, but my peoples wouldn't call me much
that's the dynamic that i live, life in a ceramic pig
but the answer is obvious

break out and make change
embrace doubt and face strange, you know we all adjust to
any terrain like geologists
nobody knows it like Maf, Jeph and Jabari does
Track Name: One Last Time
Verse 1 - Jeph:

Kinda funny how
you be lookin for an outlet
to charge a cell phone
but i'm self-owned
I know where to find my outlet
to charge myself though
now I'm full of myself like Kelso

from That 70's Show
but the difference is my art compelling me though
so it's hard for me to blame those selling the blow
cuz when you're stressed out, where the hell else would you go?

we just doin what we know
and it just so happens i'm associated with the dopest producers i know
OverFlow's one of them
the beat knocks, but either way, it's coming in

once again, hit yall with the (*punch...punch*)
double chin tap
punchlines with a flow from the tap
now you're done for the count
as the metronome taps
musically it's UFC, you should probably tap...out

Verse 2 - Jacky Blaze

Verse 3 - Reapers Twin
Track Name: After The Fact
There's too many stories ... that I'll never be able to change

Verse 1 - Jeph

I move slow, I guess I'm always afraid I'll regret something
like im riding for you with my thumb on the eject button
I can't project nothing with my projects
Couldn't answer when GotDion asked me what I got next

That was 2007, When the sound I was selling,
At no cost Was "its cool to be modest"
and, im still on this, but lemme modify
Be humble but aim high, Try your best, I confess

In high school I gambled every time I took my test
scrambled as I crammed for that scantron--i was a mess
what's this exam on anyway, circle filling?
the damn machine gon mark my answers wrong anyway

multiple choice was stressful, had me sweating like
I'm holding up a joist, but it's only a pencil
anytime somebody told me jeph you special
and the fact i actually believed it was my rescue

Chorus - Jeph

now that you know me
Never disown me again
Remember you owe me?
What happened to that?

It's not what you told me
It's bout what you showed me
actions speak louder, but now that's after the fact

Verse 2 and Chorus 2 - Cruz OmegaSoul

Verse 3 - Jeph

She hated to call out
cuz she knew she’d have to hear her boss’s mouth
the thought alone got her head aching more now
cuz she got enough bills to weigh that side of the see saw down so...

she punches in anyway
hoping that pneumonia was more of a problem yesterday
knowing taking calls from annoying callers will not take the stress away
...but atleast it’s friday, maybe she’ll be ok...

but what happens afterwards
she goes home after work
for some reason her asthma hurts
more than ever, how did that occur

and I was sitting at your desk when i got the news
her aunt said that she had passed in the hospital
it all happened too fast, i wish i could bring her back
29 years old, she still had lots to do

Sharnell in peace

lord knows that we miss you
Track Name: The One
...late nights...
in the days of my teenage life
(What was happening then)
i could replay like
it was yesterday and the scene on sight was

Poppa comes home from work
When mom's home from work
3 boys and a girl add 4 times the work
one thing's for sure,
someone's gon be short
someone feel ignored so
someone gon resort to

i dont like the way you came
at me honey
you the reason why we aint
got no money
argument endemic holy


She said
"baby won't you listen to me"

He said
"maybe you should listen to me

Somebody said
"hey, why can't you just listen to me?"

It's all about me, I always doubt you, it's always bout me huh?

it equates to the nails on the chalkboard
something bout the contentious
dismissive uncalled for talks
mad me wanna swim offshore

but i would be prey to a
shark so i couldn't run away
but i often yelled at my parents
from my bedroom like
"shutup, you got a son to raise"

i know what you thinkin
but see, I was like 12 years old,
and mom and dad
made us do our own laundry,
so we were exposed
to carrying our own load
so so my clothes would always
and it took 9 years to discover
even after airing out a dirty hamper,
answer is that you gotta seperate the colors

that was not a reference to
i'm mean like personalities
and them staying together was abrasive in reality

but still there's
cuz no one wants to make the move
til my mother found the deal breaker,
dude was cheating

and it was in
but see it wasn't literal
he did it emotionally,
none of it was physical,

but STILL was told
but he couldn't do it,
so mom said she will,
and i said i'd stay with her,
so we started moving

that's when we bid you adieu dad

21 years old, i know...late bloomer

feel like i did alotta growin up that year...without

but um...there's still more...afterwards..i dont know if you knew but...

after i... bid you adieu
the bitterness grew
and my hopes for relationships were sounding sibilant too started to date again
and you, you had your lady friend,
or whatever we you call the
one living with you

both your guys's new mates
extended generosity to me
i see you, but i gotta vet with a vigilant pupil

like who's real...?
cuz this whole divorced situation
is something i'm getting used to

cuz we didn't used to
use two thanksgivings with a parent missing
i think this a little bit stupid
but when the crew did get together
the elephant was huge as shit
so, everybody felt the pressure

it's like, severed family ties we tried to fix
but how do you tie something with a closed fist
try this...pry it open
i was hoping yall could show ya kids
how to stop holding it against....
(the one, the one, the one....)
The One
(the one, the one, the one....)
the one you...
(love! loved! loves! love!....)
hey, love! love! love! ...
Track Name: Gimme

nobody's hearing that
watch how they react
i assure you that
one you gimme that

Verse 1

Juggle Entendres Puzzle Hiphoppers
what if this was what i stood for?
at one time it was,
buti lost when i played that game
but see i’m a good sport so

fair game, cuz i’m aware of the 'no pain no gain'
that's like 'like no flame...without propane'?
but then there’s butane, and all those other chemicals
so hey, i’m sorry me, if i got ahead of you

but i would never ever wanna get a hit of that
whatever that might be, it just dont sound right
like me not rhyming, ok i’ll bring it back
now that my finger’s cracked,
watch me when I'm up to bat

ball! and my coach saying good eye
because i didn’t swing but i wasn’t thinking "should i?"
this aint what i dream of when i get my shut eye
my heart aint in it you know?

not that i’m rebellious, i aint trying to defy
i just don’t demand when there’s more than enough supply
but what good is a theory that I never apply?
uh, i just sigh, no raphael weapon

on the plus side, its a natural progression
Jephs already satisfied he knows what rapping wont get him
Thats why I don't go too hard
i like to say I go passive aggressive like 'gawd!'

Verse 2

that boy done developed 'slick-mouth-itis'
aint even like we livin in a slick mouth crisis
talk still cheaper then them discount prices
that’s why he kill the beat and dig the ground in his nightshifts

i feel a lil like a transformer
but it has to be in that order
shoutout to Jabari Lutalo
appreciate the solo that you played on my outro

it’s sounds so sweet cuz it is, roastin marshmellows on
olympic torches so you also see who runnin this...

ridiculous, they dont wanna summon this inevitable
when i get incredibly meticulous
occupy the beats, what’s the reason for the dissidence
while you on the street ... 21154
you gettin this?...2 1 1 5 4
google that real quick, aight here we go

i want that, and the rest of the frickin globe
which is a lil hypocritical
considering im atypical
and the flow centrifugal
call me contrarian, with an eccentric glow
not quite blues
try indigo,
it beHOOVES you to hear my tracks; Pimlico
even though i'll never make stacks; NGO
Track Name: ReSpawn
Verse 1 - Jeph

Comin from the side of the town I'm from
you aint gettin nuthin done--if you aint got a gun
lucky for me, i got me an air gun
so i'm walking round town sorta like Anton

"No Country for Old Men"
If the door is locked, no problem, i blow it in like
(*air gun sound*)
"Where's Josh Brolin?"
You're like the Gas Clerk, why your face frozen?

Case Closed then, I don't think you know a thing
Let the coin flip decide, which side you wanna pick?
"Um...heads?" (*coin flip..slaps table...inhale, exhale*)
...You're very fortunate

but i'm very sure that this (is the) last time i forgive
cuz i've been searchin for this cash prize for a bit
why they trying to chastise me for this?
I just want to euthanize the whole record industry because

Chorus - Jeph:

No Man Stops Me
(You got me wrong!)
If you thought you could kill me
(I respawn!)
Soon as I see that green light
(I'll be gone...)

Verse 2 - Reapers Twin

Verse 3 - Icon
Track Name: UPS Driver
Verse 1:

hey! "i'm only poking fun with ya kid"
i say as i lyrically hold a gun to ya rib
you think you're Chris Brown meets Big Pun
well then I'm saying "Run It" with no Pun intended

cuz you don't wanna be that playa no more
and i wont let you beat that woman like your favorite sport
which means, your goal is not to touch down at a home base
how bout you kick the habit quick before you catch a whole case?

too many metaphors, i need more space
but you could water down and make an album from my throwaways
...uh....pause for effect
*laser sfx*....that's not what i meant

i'm on mint seeing where your money went
and it's weird you spend so much on defense
when you're not government
but you dont need no wikileaks for that
cuz what's a leak to a flow over 100 hundred percent?

i wanna know


if your goal is to make money
let me ask you:
what's rap got to do with it?
leave her out of this...
it's between you and money...
go hit the library...
go study
become a ups driver
compared to what you're doing,
there your future's much brighter

Verse 2

i reject this whole notion that you gotta hustle hard
i accept my new notion that you gotta hustle smart
you can't tell me that's the same, when the differences is stark
that's comparing Wal to K when we're talkin bout a Mart

by the way i recommend the doc 'Take Out'
and yall really need to see 'Man Push Cart'
if you wanna know how to hustle hard
meet an immigrant, that's just a start but
we got opportunity so if they pull ya card
then appreciate we don't need one green one
we have freedom for the most part

rough enough for immigrants how you worried bout santa?
when they gettin discriminated in alabama
and my peoples aint replacing those jobs
99% said they would rather

earn it quick, then spend disproportionately faster
why you hustle hard when only a fourth of it matter?
dang...the plight of an unfortunate rapper
you'd have way better chances with that corporate ladder but i'm saying
Track Name: NI4NI
I’m livin it unlimited
I love you and you and you
incase I never get a chance this the message I’m delivering:
I love you and you and you

and this aint even no girl song,
it’s a whole world song
not singular, I had put the plural on
you know that?
I always loved you and you and you

Verse 1:

Because ya life’s too short to be hating
it’s boring to be waiting for a grudge to subside
or debate to abate...
what’s the point that you’re making?
you coulda saved a life in that moment you just wasted

because your younger siblings need you
you so busy doing you
that they probably shrinking in the rear view
I wish my words had the same effect that tears do
because the pain is so strong,
you don't need a rhyme for a reason

but I try anyway because you're worth it
I hope that I could die to keep you breathing
I'll sacrifice an eye so you can see that
an eye for an eye done really took a toll
i dont know what kind of human were were being

force feeding like a British European in 1776
you feel that northeast wind?
I'm trying to keep it decent on a new level
unite policemen with a group of rebels

is it possible? how would I know
i'm only speaking with my eyes closed--I'm dreaming
don't wanna wake up and see the ceiling
it reminds me of my foes--the limits I oppose

I'm limitless as I maintain innocence
my ego is the track...that's why i'm killing this

Verse 2

cuz i don’t wanna say it
i’d rather show it
on a daily basis
but in the cases that i’m gone before you know it
i wrote it so i let the song hold it
and i’ll never release it
it’s golden
... sacred
... secret

reserved for the moments when its safest to peep it
cuz this world is the coldest
the hatred could defeat it